Announcing our new product line - Kitchen Towels

Announcing our new product line - Kitchen Towels

At Oven Mitts Co. we're always on a mission to enhance your culinary experience, and today, we're thrilled to announce a brand-new addition to our family – Kitchen Towels! Also in response to your requests, and because 'basic' just isn't our style, we've embarked on a journey to craft kitchen towels that redefine the meaning of versatility. Along this path, we've perfected functionality and crafted a superb kitchen towel, adding a tapestry of innovation to our creation.

What sets our Kitchen Towels apart?

🌟 Tailored Fabric Weave: Towels feature a thick two-sided all cotton premium fabric. One side is showcasing screen printed graphics surrounded by hand-sewn border. The other side presents a customized terry fabric with exceptional properties for cleaning up fluids or stains and drying dishes. Moreover, it works exceptionally well as a hand towel, always proving useful in a kitchen setting.

🎨 More than kitchen towel: Oven Mitts Co. towels are a canvas of stories waiting to unfold. Adorned with cherished motifs that transcend mere visual appeal, they resonate with emotions and evoking laughter. Like our oven mitts, each towel comes with a unique color palette and hand-sewn borders.

🎁 Ready to gift: Towels are presented in sets, each wrapped in our playfully unconventional packaging, making them an ideal choice for gifting. The blend of practicality, style, and a touch of surprise ensures they become the perfect present for any occasion.

The product line is scheduled to be available on our online store starting in the middle of February 2024.

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