Our latest culinary innovation

Introducing Kitchen Towels

Crafted with a tailored fabric weave featuring a thick two-sided premium cotton, these towels go beyond basic functionality. The unique blend ofscreen-printed graphics, customized terry fabric, and hand-sewn borders sets them apart, making them versatile for cleaning, drying, and even doubling as stylish hand towels.

Become a hero

Designed to make you the life of every party and the hero of every gift exchange! Wrapped in a retro-inspired packaging, our dish towels elicit laughter and create cherished memories with unforgettable moments.

Embrace artistry with kitchen towels

Each towel is thoughtfully sewn to accentuate our signature style. Every design comes with unique color palette and matching borders.


This Bitch Can Bake

Bring a pop of color and a dash of attitude to your kitchen or gift it to your favorite dough-punching dolly.


Out of this world

Galaxy Taco Cat

You don’t have to be crazy cat people to appreciate our Galaxy taco cat kitchen towels.


Let the sun shine

Summer Sunflowers

Tall and strong, they stand up high, against the blue of summer sky.


sugar skull

Calavera Skull

Embrace the fusion of tradition and modernity as these towels showcase intricate Calavera skull designs in a vibrant array of colors.

  • Tailored Fabric Weave

    These towels have a dense, dual-sided premium cotton fabric. One side displays screen-printed graphics with a hand-sewn border, while the other side offers a specialized terry fabric for effective cleaning and drying. Perfect for use as a versatile kitchen hand towel.

  • More than kitchen towel

    Oven Mitts Co. towels are a canvas of stories waiting to unfold. Adorned with cherished motifs that transcend mere visual appeal, they resonate with emotions and evoking laughter.

  • Gift ready

    Towels are presented in sets, each wrapped in our playfully unconventional packaging, making them an ideal choice for gifting. No extra gift bag needed.

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