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Meet Nina and Ambroz

Nina is a fervent foodie. She loves baking and eating cake, because it’s always somebody’s birthday, somewhere!

Ambroz is an enthusiastic entrepreneur. Always the optimist, he believes that taking a step backward after taking a step forward is doing the “cha-cha.” They both enjoy spending time in the kitchen, eating cake, and dancing the cha-cha. That is when they aren’t brainstorming about creating helpful things that bring people joy.

How it all began…

Nina had just baked a delicious apple pie and managed to burn herself, once again. She knew the oven mitts were around somewhere, but her mouth was watering in anticipation, so in her rush, she grabbed a nearby dishcloth. That got the dynamic duo to thinking: What if a pair of oh-so-fun-and-fabulous oven mitts and matching potholders were hanging nearby? After hauling out the old oven mitts, it was easy to see why they’d tucked them away in the drawer. It was time for something new and exciting!

The next day they set out to shop for new oven mitts. But, it wasn’t long before they realized they would never find what they were looking for. Idea was born! What if we produce oh-so-fun-and-fabulous oven mitts that people would love to have in the kitchen?

Ambroz made a plan and with Nina they soon got busy designing mitts and potholders. Something people could really sink their hands into. Finally, after hard work and many evenings spent in the kitchen, eating cake and doing the cha-cha, they were ready.

Welcome to the Oven Mitts Co.

Our fantastic cotton oven mitts offer heat protection, comfort and come in creative colorful designs that all the coolest cooks are wearing… just ask Nina.

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