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This Bitch Can Bake Oven Mitts And Potholder Set

This Bitch Can Bake Oven Mitts And Potholder Set

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Boy, can she bake! Our retro-inspired oven mitts and potholder set features a fun 50’s vintage print in blue and white with cranberry accents. Bring a pop of color and a dash of attitude to your kitchen or gift it to your favorite dough-punching dolly.

  • Set includes 2 gloves and 1 potholder
  • 100% cotton with a comfortable fit
  • Covers hands and wrist for maximum protection
  • Mitts and potholder feature a hook for convenient storage
  • A cool gift set for the 50’s vintage art lover

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Why Oven Mitts Co.?

🡆Signature design: Our one-of-a-kind mitt feature colorful, detailed prints that won't fade, adding a touch of delicious kitchen décor to your cooking adventures.

🡆Comfort & Safety: Made from thick, padded 100% cotton, our carefully sewn gloves provide a cozy fit and superior protection when handling hot pans, trays, and pots.

🡆Perfect Gift Presentation: Each set comes in cool retro-inspired packaging, making it a ready-to-give gift for the baking enthusiast in your life.

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Become a hero

Designed to make you the life of every party and the hero of every gift exchange! Wrapped in a retro-inspired packaging, our oven mitts elicit laughter and create cherished memories with unforgettable moments.

Embrace artistry with oven mitts

Each glove is thoughtfully sewn to accentuate our signature style. Every design comes with unique color palette and matching borders.

Customer Reviews

Based on 141 reviews
So cute!

These were a gift to my 25 year old granddaughter. Her exact words were “these are SO STINKIN CUTE “. They were the perfect gift


They are brightly colored and hilarious !! I gave them as a couple gift. My only critique is the other (too) should come with a male picture!

Karmen Hanson

This Bitch Can Bake Oven Mitts And Potholder Set

Great novelty gifts!

I bought these 3 sets for my adult kids for Christmas! Can't wait to see their recations!


Perfectly made, large and bright print